Venice, Italy - Venice Biennale

Fall 2016

The Venice Biennale is arguably the largest architecture exhibition in the world. This class project represented Iowa State at an international level as one of two American universities that presented at the Biennale. Disrupt/Displace became the face of architectural education in America. Challenges appeared through simple conceptual execution and transporting the project to the site.

Curator Alejandro Aravena themed the Biennale around “Reporting from the Front”. We took this as an opportunity to present a controversial issue for the Midwest, the Baaken Pipeline. Our stance stemmed from government intrusion on private land through eminent domain. The disruptive nature the pipeline has on that land itself also breaks up the distinct Midwestern grid, all while displacing thousands of people. This idea coined the title for our project, Disrupt/Displace. This is our story.