Spring 2014

Assignment: Recreate an assigned object out of Strathmore paper. Design a 2D pattern of pieces which may be folded, cut and connected to represent the object. These pieces may be either taped or sewn. No glue allowed.

Approach: The chalkline I chose was very rigid in form, which was a challenge. After some experimentation, I felt I was better able to achieve the look of my chalkline if I used only floss to connect each piece, which complicated the assembly even further. Through that, I learned aesthetics can be implemented as part of the structure as well. Though it took extra time, it improved the representation of the tool. Then, I took it even a step further – make it operable. Given these circumstances, I was able to achieve the image of the chalkline, using only floss, while also allowing the spool to extend and retract using the exterior folding handle.