Fall 2017

Approach: With the Amador Convention Center currently under construction just east of our site, social activity is bound to increase. Hotel Onda addresses this transformation by opening itself up to traffic coming from the Convention Center and carrying that activity throughout the building. This is pursued using the concept of socialization through transparency. Adjacencies of public spaces are opened up throughout the massing to continue the social activity, highlighted through a social spine which connects an upper and lower nightclub, tying the building together.

Form and Facade: The country of Panama takes great pride in its biodiversity, specifically birds. This becomes threatened by careless architecture applying flat, reflective glass to high-rises causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of birds each year in Panama alone. As a response, our sensual form is irregular, hosting a dynamic wired louver facade system. It is designed to allow occupants of each unit to have full control over their louvers. The system allows independent louver rotation at the top and bottom, providing flexibility for both high and low light into the unit while carefully addressing both lighting and privacy considerations.