Spring 2018


Assignment: Las Vegas prides itself with the direct correlation of size and quality. It argues that bigger almost always means better. Each project has the goal of being the largest and most extravagant, implementing the brightest signage with the most in-your-face design tactics.

What if there was, perhaps, a more simple, elegant solution? What if quality alone dictated the design, and there was only a second-hand focus on size? The developer we met with prior to beginning this project performed several studies backing up this ideal which strays from the Las Vegas norm. They found there to be more success in quality over size. This ultimately became the underlying assignment - design a Las Vegas Hotel with an elevated design standard at a modest size for the hospitality market of the city.

Approach: As a group of five designers (three interior designers, one architect, one landscape architect) our initial aspiration was to have our building forms become the identifying mark of our building, eliminating need for excessive signage. We took this to heart from day one, using it in our programming and structural pattern considerations throughout schematic design. The final arrangement of masses exhibited an eloquent playfulness to them, almost as if they were dancing. This expression brought us to title our concept after one of the most intimate dance forms, the tango. This elegant dialogue between movement and tension of two forms leads the next step in Las Vegas hospitality.