Spring 2016

Competition: Redesign a CMU assuming only vertical cuts can be made.

FINBLOCK opens a new world of possibilities for Concrete Masonry Units which is limited only to the extent of the designer’s imagination. Named after it’s similar appearance to a shark fin, this design marries aesthetics with structural practicality. The basic right triangle shape is accompanied simply by a single notch and two nodes. There are two different versions of this block which can be applied in various arrangements as the designer wishes. One block has a slightly larger cavity for grout and rebar to minimize concrete used in manufacturing, while the other has a slightly smaller cavity and notch, which thickens one side. This block has been designed not only for temporary structures, but permanent as well. It can be easily stacked into structural walls and columns which can either be hidden or exposed depending upon the desired aesthetic. It even follows the common 16” module used in construction. No modifications needed. It is a simple substitute for a typical CMU. Design applications for this block are not limited to walls and columns, however. It can also be arranged to create planters, shelving, benches, tables and stairs, to name a few. FINBLOCK introduces a new form for CMUs to allow flexibility for many styles. The only limit is your imagination.