OMAHA, NEBRASKA - Downtown Old Market

Spring 2015

Assignment: Perform extensive research on baking. Narrow the focus to a specific aspect and use that knowledge to design a space which eases all of the needs of workers and customers alike.

Approach: Anyone can buy a loaf of bread at the store. That is all part of a large manufacturing process. Yet, at the other end of the spectrum, there are artisans who take pride in the extensive process and consider it an art form. La Couronne is designed under the intent of marrying those two elements of baking: exposing the art of baking while efficiently addressing the extenuating process. To do this, back of house functions are located appropriately with an apparent, linear transition to the space the customers inhabit. Exposure of the process is used as a selling point via a large, boldly outlined window into the preparation space. Given that part of the bread baking is in the early morning hours, La Courrone continues to provide business by also offering sandwich options during the afternoon hours.